The Medical Educator is an organization based in Malaysia dedicated to teaching and training people in the Health Related Sciences.

The services range from training young and aspiring Obstetricians to obtain their post graduate degree, help undergraduates pass their exams in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, train young doctors in the soft skills involved in patient management and training in clinical research including statistical analysis.

These services are spearheaded by Professor Kulenthran Arumugam who comes with a wealth of experience, having been a clinician for nearly forty years, a teacher for more than thirty years, and a researcher throughout his career. Above all, he is a gifted teacher. Where necessary or needed, he has available at his disposal, a host of equally experienced and talented Faculty staff to help him.


Current Seminars and Workshops

Part 1 MRCOG Intensive Revision Course


This intensive course is designed to prepare the candidate who is going to sit for the MRCOG Part 1 Examination soon.

Mastering O&G in a Weekend as an Undergraduate


This intensive course is designed to prepare the candidate who is soon going to sit for the Finals of his or her MBBS program.

Evaluating and Appraising a Diagnostic Test in the Health Related Sciences


This workshop on evaluating and appraising a diagnostic test in the health related sciences is conducted with statistical software demonstration.


Other Services

Medical Writing and Manuscript Editing Services


A one stop center for your medical writing and editing needs.

"Prof is one of my favourite lecturers. He’s easy to understand and you can’t not listen to him when he speaks."

- Lecture: Ethics of confidentiality (February 2017)