Part 1 MRCOG Intensive Revision Course

Course structure

The intensive course is designed to prepare the candidate who is going to sit for the MRCOG Part 1 Examination soon.  It is exam orientated. It is a revision course and the candidates are expected to have done some reading before coming for the course. The whole syllabus cannot be covered given the short time available. However the topics have been carefully chosen in order to cover the areas from which the bulk of the questions are being or have been asked or areas in which the candidate is likely to have problems e.g. clinical epidemiology, statistics, applied pathology, fluid and electrolyte balance, radiological diagnosis, clinical scenarios, etc. An impressive array of Faculty members with a wide experience in post-graduate training have been chosen to cover these topics.

The topics covered are:

  • Applied anatomy of abdomen and pelvis including the femoral triangle
  • Applied reproductive physiology including ART, contraception and the menopause
  • Early embryology and development of the reproductive and urinary system.
  • Applied maternal physiology
  • Principles of biomedical imaging and diagnostic criteria
  • Pathology of the genital tract  
  • Clinical oncology
  • Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance
  • Microbiology with special reference to the reproductive system including sepsis
  • Genetics and developmental anomalies
  • Clinical Epidemiology and statistics
  • Clinical pharmacology with special reference to Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Medical disorders involving the endocrine system
  • Basic obstetric and gynae practice including diagnostic tests

Each topic will start with an interactive lecture. This will be followed by an ample practice session with single best answer (SBAs) questions on the topics and doubts clarified.


"Concise, Effective, Life-saving. Prof Kula's revision course was invaluable to me in my exam preparation. He narrowed the topics down to what's important for the exam and helped us strategize our studies better. Lots of practice with SBAs during the course too. Without a doubt, an essential revision course which I highly recommend."

- August 2017 course participant